Cavi al silicone 8mm serie 5000 Dodge


Kit di cavi al silicone 8mm Serie 5000 Accel ad alta conduttibilità.



Codice produttore: 5133R
Per modelli prodotti nell’anno: Dodge 1996-2000 / Wrangler YJ 1991-1995 – Cherokee XJ 1991-2000 / Comanche 1991-1992 / Wrangler TJ 1996-2002

Descrizione ITA:
Kit di cavi al silicone 8mm Serie 5000 Accel ad alta conduttibilità.

Per veicoli specifici con motore 2,5L.

Descrizione ENG:
ACCEL SuperStock Spiral Core 5000 Series wire sets feature color-matched wire and spark plug boots in blue, black, and red. With only 500 ohms/ft. of resistance, more ignition energy can reach the spark plug, producing a longer-lasting, hotter spark flame kernel. The results are higher performance through improved efficiency, quicker throttle response, and reduced emissions. Their double silicone construction eliminates arcing and is rated to 550 degrees F. The high-gross wire jacket resists moisture, chemicals, and heat extremes for longer life and great looks. The fiberglass braid adds greater pull strength and terminal retention, while the stainless steel spark plug terminals provide excellent long life, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Both universal and custom-fit applications are available for early and late model cars and trucks. They’re designed for street-driven, pre and post-HEI applications.


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