Kit guarnizioni scarico high performance 7247


Kit guarnizioni scarico high performance per collettori scarico in acciaio 4 in 1. Per motori 400-425-455 cid.



Codice produttore: 7247
Per modelli prodotti nell’anno: 1967-1976

Descrizione ITA:
Kit di guarnizioni collettori scarico in acciaio 4 in 1. Motori 400-430-455 cid.

Descrizione ENG:
When installing new headers, or putting them back on after working on your vehicle, it’s important to use a new set of gaskets. Edelbrock exhaust gaskets are made of EnCore HTX-900–a high-density, non-asbestos, fiber/metal core composite material consisting of two graphite coated, heat-resistant, fiber-blended sheets that are mechanically and chemically fused to an expanded steel core. The finished product provides high heat resistance, excellent load retention, and unmatched sealing performance on exhaust manifolds and headers. A 50 percent recovery rate allows for gasket expansion in the event your header loses the proper header bolt torque. Edelbrock exhaust gaskets are the perfect choice.


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